Financial Services

The Middle East has become a competitive market for resellers offering first-rate services and solutions. To give you an advantage over the competition, TechAccess is able to offer financial services that add up to a considerable advantage in an industry where credit flow can make all the difference.

In line with our support to reseller partners, TechAccess can offer generous credit terms and pay-back periods for when you need to expand your credit line to generate more revenue. Upon request, we can also assign significant credit limits that are reviewable over a set time period – to keep pace with your own expansion.

Our competitive advantages over the competition are:

  • Credit terms and payback periods.
  • Access to account statements.
  • Financing flexibility.

Our team is working on several new initiatives to transform financial services into one of your business core assets. Soon to be introduced is real-time, Internet-based direct account access for partners. Through a secure Internet connection, you can view and print your operation account's receivable data, including transaction details, credit memos and receipt history with application details.

TechAccess will soon introduce the leasing programs into the second tier channel. Leasing allows you to take charge and choose terms, products and purchase options for optimum financing flexibility when you need it most – another value-added service from Tech Access.