File & Content

Take advantage of the HDS integrated file and content portfolio to help your enterprise better manage the proliferation of your unstructured data. Stop struggling to keep up with the growth of unstructured data, stay within budget, optimize investments and deliver the necessary services quickly.

Strategies to Archive, Back Up, Consolidate (A-B-C)
Employ a few simple IT strategies to significantly simplify your IT environment and reduce costs. Our “Archive first, Back up less, Consolidate more” (A-B-C) strategies help to ensure you have the right infrastructure to scale for the future while managing and governing information throughout its lifecycle.

Archive first—reduces the cost of storing data.
Back up less—reduces the cost of protecting data.
Consolidate more—allows you to do more with less.
Distributed IT efficiency—enables more effective IT management at remote and branch offices.
Enable e-discovery and compliance—mitigates data risk.
Facilitate cloud—increases IT agility.

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