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Whisbi helps brands achieve 100% of their web revenue potential

End-to-end conversational marketing & sales platform

Live interactive video broadcast to create engagement and capture leads at the top of the funnel.
Conversational AI-driven chatbot for managing workflows and moving leads down the funnel
Platform to distribute and connect leads to one-to-one assisted sales interaction with agents


  • Video Broadcast app
  • One-to-One Whisbi Agent
  • One-to-One Whisbi Agent App
  • Lead Distribution System


customers with Live Video Broadcasts


visitor intelligence with AI-powered behavioural targeting


more with One-to-One assisted selling

End-to-end conversational marketing & sales platform

Lead capture

Send targeted and behavior-based messages to online customers & acquire qualified leads through a conversational interface.

Lead distribution

Distribute your leads via messaging or telephony to your sales agents located in any physical location in real-time.

Call scheduling

Allow your customers to book a call at a later time and date if they are not able to have a sales conversation on the spot.


Send targeted and behavior-based messages to online customers & acquire qualified leads through a conversational interface.

Custom conversation builder

Define your workflow behaviour based on customers actions or conditions. You can easily customize it and deploy it in real time.

Data Capture

Collect data, such as a name and a phone number from your online customers, automatically validate it and sync with your CRM in real time.

Telephony with customers

Easily start sales conversations with your online customers by connecting leads to your telephony with our integrations for call center solutions like PBX and CTI or use VoIP.

Video closing tools

Improve the user experience with video tools like one-way agent webcam, remote cameras or use our mobile app to show products in real time.

Instant messaging and two-way media sharing

Improve the user experience and close more deals with our user-friendly interface, including tools like web-sharing, live messaging & file transfers.

Session synchronisation

Our patented technology enables you to sync a normal phone call with an interactive online experience that includes live messaging & live video.

Call recording

Automatically activate call recordings for all sessions via the admin panel, or let your agents decide when to activate this feature, to ensure compliance with the local laws.

Customer data coordination

Define your agents’ workflows for scripted inputs & data validation with web services and provide them with agent tools, such as shortcuts library & agent notes.

Instantly connect web
visitors with your
distributed sales

Replicate effectiveness of a face to face sale

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