Innovative solutions to real-world business problems

According to an IDC update to the Worldwide Semi-annual Digital Transformation Spending Guide, spending (on digital transformation) is expected to expand at an annualized rate of 17.1% in the period 2019-23. Further, the update says that digital transformation spending will reach 53% of all technology investing by 2023. A large proportion of this expenditure is in four areas – Data Management, Business Apps, Cloud Solutions, and Machine Learning & AI.

At TechAccess we have developed a best-in-class portfolio of ISV’s as well as proven capabilities in helping companies design and implement their digital transformation journeys.

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Data management and analytics can drive business competitiveness

Globally-recognized data management and analytics solutions from TechAccess can help you leverage your data assets for productivity enhancements and greater business competitiveness.

Smart Business Apps Ensure Seamless Operations & Integration

At TechAccess, we have Microsoft Dynamics 365, BMC Helix Digital Workplace, Debt Collection & Recovery Solutions, and a range of specialized business apps promising improved productivity, workforce agility and smart operations.

Machine Learning and AI for business-critical insights

Extract game-changing insights and unlock the value hidden inside large data sets in your business. TechAccess can empower your business through Machine Learning and AI solutions.

The cloud and future-proofing your business

Cloud services are the foundation for digital transformation and the key to organizational agility. TechAccess can help you harness the benefits of best-in-class cloud solutions.