The Future Of Enterprise
Business Transformation

A cloud-powered future has taken shape in today’s business world as more and more enterprises migrate toward remote infrastructure. Cloud computing is now a key agent for business transformation, and the clear deployment model of choice for modernizing existing IT infrastructure.

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Breaking boundaries with smart
business cloud solutions

The global cloud computing market is forecast to go over $650 billion by 2025 and 80% of organizations are predicted to migrate towards the cloud (by 2025). There are solid reasons for the movement towards the cloud and these include:

  • Efficiency and cost reduction – migration to cloud reduces costs related to CAPEX, maintenance and downtime

  • Data security – cloud-based services provide robust baseline protection which can be supplemented by enterprise-level security measures

  • Scalability – cloud solutions are ideal for companies with fluctuating bandwidth demands

  • Mobility – cloud solutions enable any-time, any-where, any-device access

  • Disaster recovery – cloud-based services provide quick data recovery for all kinds of risk scenarios

Use Cases

Learn how TechAccess can empower your business with cloud management solutions from BMC Helix.

Multi-cloud service management

Multi-cloud automation and discovery

Multi-cloud management and security