Tech Access Asia Enters Partnership with Rebasoft

6 May 2021

Celebrating another transformative step towards the region’s digital future, MENAP’s leading value-added distributor, Tech Access Asia, has entered a strategic partnership with the globally recognized UK-based cybersecurity firm, Rebasoft.

Through this collaboration, enterprise customers across the Middle East, North Africa, LEVANT, Pakistan, and Afghanistan will be able to access complete in-house expertise, full help desk, pre-sales, and post-sales services to enable their adoption of the software that is used by leading Fortune 500 companies, worldwide.

Rebasoft delivers multiple capabilities in a single system. It helps improve the cybersecurity of your network and all connected devices. It has inbuilt capabilities that also allow you to reduce or retire legacy systems used for operating your IT infrastructure.

Available as a managed security service or as an on-premise deployment, the technology is used by leading global companies and smaller-scale businesses alike.

Enterprise customers can quickly experience the benefits through fast and simplified deployment, without installing any software on either PCs or Servers. This is the power of Rebasoft in helping locate and protect IoT-type devices connected to the system.

Whether it is one aspect of IT security, moving towards implementing a security accreditation (such as GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, and NIST), or reducing costs, Rebasoft is built to cater to these and more customizable scenarios.

“Tech Access and Rebasoft share the same DNA of technological innovation. We are both driven by a purpose to enable effortless technology adoption by clients at each stage of their business growth. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together and how we can make cyber security more readily available to businesses across the region.” said Phillip Harragan, CEO at Rebasoft.

The partnership with Tech Access Asia provides a one-stop solution to enterprises across the region, allowing them access to direct representatives in their region and full support in purchasing, implementing and executing the system. It facilitates a relationship that is ongoing, versatile, and above all reliable – enabling customer success through end-end support.

“In the wake of a global pandemic which has pushed the majority of businesses and workers to work from home, hence cyber security threats have emerged as a critical consideration for all sizes of businesses. To combat with such threats, businesses must rapidly secure themselves with comprehensive cyber security solutions.  Together, with Rebasoft, we aim to make robust cyber security affordable and accessible to clients across the Middle East & Pakistan.” said Jawwad Rehman, CEO of Tech Access Asia.

Tech Access Asia is a leading value-added IT distributor, providing end-to-end business solutions to the enterprise and mid-market sectors. Our charter is to acquire, retain and develop a sustainable and profitable channel for our Vendors. Headquartered in Dubai, with branch offices in Riyadh, Cairo & Pakistan, our operations extend to over 17 countries across the MENA Region. Our technology offerings include Infrastructure, Data Management, Application Management, Security, Business Intelligence, Outsourced Services, Storage, Networking, and IT Consulting.

Rebasoft was founded in 2009 by two cybersecurity industry veterans and has grown to supply its integrated security solution to organisations worldwide, including some in Fortune’s Global 500. Since its inception, its mission has remained the same: to help organisations fend off current and future cyber threats while increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. The company is still led by its founding directors and is headquartered in Berkshire, UK.