Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization

Chatbots provide consumer-like experiences and can be tailored to platforms and devices that your employees are already using. They can collaborate with multiple channels, communicate through familiar messaging tools such as Slack, SMS, MS Teams, Skype for Business and Progressive Web.

Chatbots enable cognitive search across unstructured and structured data and across multiple knowledge bases. Common applications include:

Line of business (LOB) support: Use with each LOB to enable multiple, specialized chatbots tailored to the needs of the organization (HR, Facilities, etc.)

Service delivery: Call and execute custom processes and workflows; automate training of BMC Helix Chatbot with the Digital Workplace Catalog.

Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization
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Can chatbots add value in your business? Ask yourself these three questions:

Do you want to significantly become proactive in your customer servicing?

Do you want to intelligently monitor consumer data and gain customer insights?

Would you like improved sophisticated lead generation, qualification and nurturing?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you need to implement chatbot solutions at the earliest. At TechAccess, we can bring you solutions that offer intelligent, omni-channel experiences to drive employee engagement and productivity through BMC Helix Digital Workplace and BMC Helix Business Workflows. These applications are crucial for addressing changing expectations around compelling user experiences.

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