Multi-Cloud Automation & Discovery

Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization

As data centers transform to multi-cloud environments, new ways to deliver cloud native applications are being used to scale the business. These private and public cloud environments often have limited or non-standard means of communications and need to co-exist with legacy infrastructure and software.

BMC Helix Discovery automates asset discovery and dependency mapping to better gain visibility into management of hardware, software and services in multi-cloud and on-premises environments. It provides a trusted foundation for building application maps that enable digital transformation to be more secure and cost-transparent.

Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization
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Ask yourself these three questions.

Do you require multi cloud configuration security posture management for your cloud assets?

Is integration with incident and change management is a key business requirement for you?

Do you require on-prem and cloud server management form one console?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should be looking at solution like BMC Helix Discovery. TechAccess can help you implement BMC Helix Discovery solutions and ensure that you get the optimum return from your cloud investments.

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